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Isaiah 17 & Psalms 83 Countdown

Read Psalm 83! It wont be long and we will see Israel taking back not only the West Bank, & the Gaza Strip,but some pesky neighbors who REFUSE peace! It's coming!

The Psalm 83 war is BEFORE the Ezekiel war. (Ezekiel 3 What the Prophet Ezekiel saw was WW111.


Welcome to news before its here ministry website!

For several years now, the Lord has spoken to us through visions and dreams concerning prophetic end time events.
Our mission is to prepare the Bride of Christ for the events that are ahead before the rapture of the church.
May your hearts and minds comprehend with all the saints the "length" (Spiritual Forecast) of what the Bible has to say about the LAST DAYS!

In Christ,

Pastor/Prophet David P. Ward
Legacy Family Church & World Outreach Center Inc.
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